The Girl That Went To Hell

And tried to warn them not to…

Once upon a time, there lived a girl
Her parents one day just ended up dead
She was sad and upset in this little world
By a bully, a lie was said

The lie was a legend he overheard
He said her parents went to hell
Seven keys she was to find in this world
To meet them again in an empty shell

So she set out on a quest to find the keys
Ultimately, she found them all
Her love for her parents got her across all seas
Opening the gates of hell once more

A tragedy it was, for her soul was taken
Her parents were actually in heaven
How terribly she was mistaken
As she seeks death of the ill-driven

She came out as a ghost, haunting the boy
Ultimately driving him to his grave
To him she was a mere toy
And now, hell to him she gave

Treasure hunters and archeologists sought for the keys
And little Anna felt it, deep
They too searched across all seas
Haunted in their sleep

She told them not to, she told them to flee
They ignored her, claiming this their cause
The gates of hell opened, and made them see
What a mistake that was