The Coffee Drinking Dragon

He needed quite a big cup

World War III had just ended. The buildings that once stood proud in New York City were leveled, making the community rebuild the town into castles and stone pavements instead of roads and sky scrapers.

Amidst the macabre caused by the destruction of the bombs, right beneath where Time Square used to be, was a sleeping dragon. He had been awakened by the trembling ground, albeit it took him a while to dig himself out.

When he emerged out into the clear sky, he took note of the castles and wooden houses all around New York and thought “I’ve slept for nearly a thousand years and these humans still haven’t evolved their buildings, they look exactly the same!”

Making his way through the streets, his footsteps shook the ground and caused people to run and scream. He was drawn to a unique smell that he had never smelled before; the local coffee shop.

He stuck his ginormous head through the window, breaking all of the glass, and demanded that he have whatever they were making there.

The baristas emptied out their coffee containers and made him a giant cup that he then drank. It was at that moment that he became a certified coffee addict.

A month later, he rested upon a castle rooftop big enough to hold him comfortably. He had his own tailored giant cup for his coffee, and with his sharp eyes he would look through the window of a small house down the street where an old lady had a black and white TV.

Detective shows would often play, leaving the dragon inspired to become a detective himself. He would go on to name himself Drake the Detective.

One day, there was a problem that resonated through all the news channels, and even fell upon his own mighty ears. The deadliest prisoner in history had escaped his cell, and no one could find where he was. It was the year 2045, and despite the ruined architecture, technology remained abundant to help find the prisoner, yet to no avail.

It was then that the dragon took a few giant gulps of his coffee, and flew off towards the police station. They were worried and paralyzed – what could the dragon want from them?

“You nitwits!” said the dragon. “The prisoner had obviously escaped by digging!”

The police replied that they did indeed consider that, but that did not help them in finding the man. The dragon proceeded to call them nitwits yet again, exclaiming that the prisoner simply did not surface, and had remained underground all this time!

The dragon would know, he had been living under the ground for a thousand years. There were lots of tunnels and rooms to go on living. The police, surprised, asked for the dragon’s help.

With his guidance, they dug through the ground, found the tunnels, and recaptured the prisoner. They then made a ginormous badge that would be fitting for the dragon, and officially crowned him a real detective.

He flew back to his castle rooftop where he would watch detective TV shows through the window of the old lady, having his giant cup of coffee, and his proud detective badge right next to him.


Thanks to @ABadClock1 on Twitter for outlining this spontaneously!