Thirty Minute Shorts

Most short stories I write are definitely all fantasy, but they contain some sort of heart-warming moral by the end of their story. Gotta spread love and joy, ya know!

Magic Perfume is a funky comedy fantasy about a wizard that runs a perfume shop. He lets you smell these perfumes and that transports you to another world or gives you a realistic feeling of something, like a wave of water splashing on you from the freshness, or a sweet kiss from the roses and cherry smell.

Magic Dice is a fantasy story based on a real story of rolling the dice to see how your day would turn out. This little girl who lives an average life, keeps rolling the dice every morning. The higher the number, the better the whole day will turn out to be. That was told to her by the magic fairy!

Duplico is a comedy story originally intended for a full book. Johnny wanted to be a super hero all his life. One day, while working at a printing office, he had his dream come true. Lightning struck the building as he was photocopying his butt, and he ended up with the ability to duplicate things!