Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, a girl moved in to an old house in old England, made of old wood and had an old décor. She was with her mother and two brothers, who were keen to explore all its secrets.

The wood would creak, the silverware was bent, and the webs were everywhere. Amidst the dreadful cleaning that the family engaged in, the girl saw a doll hugging a book. The book was title Dreams of Shadows.

She read the story, finding it quite interesting, and quite spooky. Dismissing it as a mere story, she thought the doll was rather adorable, and kept her by her bed at night.

That night… she went to sleep. The cursed doll summoned her dreams and pulled her into the realm of shadows.

The girl looked around, finding everything to be strangely realistic. She heard the cries of the doll echo through the dark grey skies, calling for help. The doll wanted to become human again, and the girl was the only one who could make it come true.

Before the girl could get to the doll, she had to go through four of the doll’s shadows. Strange… she thought. This was the same plot as the book she had just read.

The first shadow was a scarecrow in a field of pumpkins. Everything in this world was grey, except for some things, like the pumpkins that lay about and the scarecrow’s head, which too, was a pumpkin.

The girl came up to the scarecrow and told her that she needed to get to the doll to help her become human again. The scarecrow agreed, but first she had to do him a favor. He was very tired of being a scarecrow for so very long. If she could just take his place for even a few minutes, it would mean the world to him.

She delightfully obliged! The pumpkin head rolled off, and the girl stood up on the wooden frame and pushed her hands through the sleeves of the scarecrow’s body, acting as the new scarecrow for just a little while.

The soul of her arms was taken.

Her next destination was by a lake amidst an enchanting grey forest. The water of the lake sparkled with golden fairy lights that hung above it, creating a warm and embracing glow. The doll’s second shadow was a giant talking frog that sat upon a giant lily pad. It greeted the girl courteously. The girl said she needed to get to the doll, and the frog agreed, but first it urged her to take a pleasant bath in the warm lake.

A bit shy at first, she thought it could do her well after all the walking. She tossed aside her clothes and had a delightful warm soak while gazing at the golden little lights that lingered.

The soul of her legs was taken.

Continuing on her quest, she headed up the hills. The hills turned into mountains, and the cold breeze made her shiver. Upon a cliff sat a ginormous black raven, looking down at her.

She told the raven she needed to get to the doll, and the raven agreed, but first… it offered her to sit by a fire with a warm blanket to get rid of the cold. The girl desperately agreed, for she didn’t want to get sick. The raven guided her to the burning logs and gave her a black fleece blanket.

The soul of her body was taken.

The last place she had to get to was rather dangerous; it was called a thorn forest that started right at the base of the mountain. There were so many black thorny vines to get through that she needed a pair of scissors almost as large as her own body.

Upon getting there, there was a mirror just a tad taller than her. It was the mirror of dreams, and it was the doll’s fourth shadow.

The mirror offered to show the girl absolutely anything she wanted. Excited and mesmerized, she asked to be seen wearing the prettiest dresses, to be adored by fans, to be at the fanciest tea party and to meet all her favorite writers of old.

She spent hours gazing at herself until she remembered she had a place to get to!

The soul of her face was taken.

The mirror had pointed her in the direction of the doll. She came upon a labyrinth castle; everything was a maze inside, with each door leading to a more confusing door. It was dark and scary, but luckily she could hear the doll’s voice here. The doll helped guide her, and reassured her that nothing scary lurked in these shadows, they were completely alone.

When the girl had stumbled upon the final room, she saw the same doll that she kept next to her bed, sitting upon a chair, holding a book named Dreams of Shadows.

The girl asked how she can save the doll. The doll told her to simply stitch her torn body back together with the thread and the needle that lay beside her.

Gladly, the girl kneeled down and began stitching away. Before she knew it, the doll was as good as new. And then the doll laughed… And the laughter haunted the girl.

The girl woke up from her dream. She got out of bed, back in the old house that they just moved into. She looked at her hands, she walked around, she touched things. This was no longer the girl, it was the doll in the girl’s body. And the girl… was now in the doll’s body.

Dreams of Shadows will be a full book coming this August!