Drag0n Fire

The fire deep within that makes us strong
And consumes us all

Mountains do not bow to the howling winds
The trees will always stick together
Dragon fire consumes all things
Love is but a gentle feather

Hate is strong like the iron walls
Anger makes strong men fall
Yet happiness brings everyone together
For love is like a gentle feather

They may build empires that never fall
But darkness rots away at it all
They may be strong, they may be kings
But dragon fire consumes all things

The winds may howl and the wolves may stalk
The journey, treacherous with burning rock
The cold darkness lingers as it begins its purge
But yet, amidst the shadows, you emerge
The violins play to your brave heart
Your conquests paint the picture of true art
The chorus roars to the rising fire
The world, your name will eternally admire