Christmas Tree

Magic lives in all of us

Once upon a time, there lived a boy with his grandmother in a town surrounded by the Enchanted Forest. No one quite knew why the forest was enchanted, but they’ve called it that ever since the town existed.

The grandmother always woke up earlier than the boy, so that he may wake up to the incredible smell of her delicious signature Will O’ Wisp Pancakes. He always asked her, grandmother, how do you make the pancakes so delicious? Why it is the Fairy’s magical dust that makes them taste this way, she would always reply.

The boy never quite understood if it was real or not, but every week the grandmother would head out into the forest and over the hill to the little fairy village to get some of that magical spice to make those sweet and enchanting pancakes.

One day, the boy woke up without the smell of early morning breakfast. When he went to check up on his grandmother, she was too sick to get up that day. She needed medicine, the kind that their humble homes could not afford from the Central Town.

The boy got increasingly worried as the days passed, for he loved his grandmother very dearly. She asked him of only one thing, which was to go into the Enchanted Forest and over the hill, to kindly ask for help from the fairies.

The boy was reluctant to do so at first, for in such dire circumstances, only medicine could help! But alas, how could he ever say no to his beloved grandmother? He went into the forest and over the hill that day, and found absolutely nothing there.

He sat by a large pine tree and sulked quietly while no one was around. Suddenly, a piece of paper flew through the air and made its way over next to him. It simply advertised a Christmas Tree decorating competition, with a large prize for first place.

He brought the paper back to the grandmother and said that that was all he found, nothing else. She looked excited, and told him to get his grandfather’s best axe and find a neat looking pine tree from the forest.

Again, the boy had no idea how they were supposed to win a Christmas Tree decorating competition without any means to decorate it! He did have his knitted sweater, socks and gloves, would that do?

In a few days, the town was flooded with cacophony and avid expectation. Everyone wanted to see how great the decorations were for those majestic Christmas trees. The whole lineup was ready, with over twenty trees all being displayed in one clean line.

Everyone looked at the boy’s Christmas tree – it was almost bare, it had a few baked cookies hanging over it in the shape of deer, stars and other festive designs.

The boy stood by his tree, nervous as anything. The judges were moving from left to write, marveling at the beautiful competitors and taking down notes. The crowd was cheering with applause as the scores got announced.

They were getting closer and closer, his heart was racing, he was so embarrassed. His tree did not even have any colors to it! He shut his eyes and clenches his fists. It was his turn!

The judges looked up at it in confusion, frowned, exchanged glances and began scribbling down some scores. All the boy heard was silence and disappointment.

Suddenly, the crowd had a gasp. They were all pointing fingers at his tree. What was going on?! The boy looked at the judges who were in utter awe at what they were seeing.

The boy turned around to look back at his Christmas tree, and his jaw dropped too. The tree was magically getting decorated with starlight and pixie dust, creating vivid abstract ornaments that danced their way around the entire thing. The amount of light it was emitting was enough to light up the whole street at night! And the smell! Oh god, it reminded him of his grandmother’s pancakes.

In the evening, he returned to his grandmother. How did it go? She asked him. He sat down beside her and told her the whole story.