These six books were written throughout my eight years of writing. I definitely had a slow and timid approach towards it at first, but now I can write a full 300 page book in a month when I’m feeling inspired. I’ll be looking to write way more soon!

Fantasia of Lorelei

Lorelei’s dreams were crushed as a child when she found out Santa wasn’t real. Now a quirky mature girl, one festive Christmas night she received a fairy tale book, one that she had entered upon opening it.

When she had entered the fairy tale world, she had her smartphone with her. She would take pictures of all the breathtaking sparkling scenery, and make friends with talking candy, pumpkin headed creatures, flying foxes and more!

Every place she traveled to had its own mysteries to be solved before moving on to the next. But the further she went, the more dangers she uncovered.

This charming lovable girl infects the people around her with her charisma, wit and down right playful insanity as she adventures to her final destination.

A wonky, crazy, yet compelling fantasy story, with hilarious dialogue and breathtaking world-building. A festive, fun and easy read!

The Portal

The Portal Charles Sterling fantasy book

Once upon a time, Raymond walked by his TV screen to get himself a beer, and got sucked into the movie he was watching. A few hours of torture on a dreaded fantasy island later, he died, and woke up safe in his living room. On the screen was a message that he has to keep entering the TV, or else he’ll die in real life.

That didn’t sound too bad at first, he loves fantasy. But, in order to return home from the fiction world he had to die in it each time. So far, in the book, that included getting shot down by aliens, stabbed to death, stomped to death, buried alive, and more.

Very soon, that became not so fun, and he was getting traumatized. But the bigger goal of why he had to keep entering the Portal kept him going.


Merge Charles Sterling fantasy book

This book is a total absolute mess. The story is simple. So the aliens had this idea… They said, what if we have the two most optimal timelines, that being of the Mages and Wizards and Elves where spirituality and oneness with nature was at its peak, and the modern day where technology has peaked.

So they get this device going, they come to planet Earth, put in some numbers, and bam! The two worlds merge together. Now in the middle of New York are forests, castles, dragons, barbarians, mages and all sorts of stuff. In the middle of the Elven Kingdom are cars, buses, McDonalds restaurants, monuments and more.

Basically everyone is terribly confused and they instantly take each other for the enemy and start killing each other. The aliens did not have this in mind, and are regretting doing this.

The story follows the perspective of the three humans who are sent out onto the field as special forces, and from the other side the three elves, one of whom is the Elven King’s son who believes that humans are good (because he met an innocent girl) and the fighting should stop. It was fun as hell to write this.

Dragon Empire I

Dragon Empire charles sterling fantasy book

This book was written when I was 15 years old and has a lot of sentimental value to me. Of course, writing quality-wise it is completely sub-par to my latest works, but story-wise I am incredibly proud of how detailed and thorough I was with the plot. I mean, it has a map that I photoshopped that’s about 80% in size of the Lord of the Rings map.  Again, you really don’t have to read it, but this trilogy will exist in my heart.

Once upon a time, John and Grace, two teenagers, were transported millions of years to the past where balance was held by seven dragons, each taking charge of their own element. One day, the Dark Dragon, Marbus, decided to break the balance and take over the world through chaos. As per a prophecy, these two children are destined to bring the Dark Dragon back to his purpose.

They traveled around the world, from animal clan to animal clan, learned all the sacred arts, magic, fighting styles and more for their ultimate battle in the Land of Vigoor.

Got chills writing that, heh.

Dragon Empire II

About a year after the events of Dragon Empire I, John and Grace found themselves back in Dragon Land, for the Dark Stone went missing by a powerful female Necromancer who could summon all kinds of dead demons. Their ultimate task was to figure out how to kill something that was already dead.

They traveled through the world, reading scripts from forsaken libraries, and playing cat and mouse with the insanely powerful Necromancer against whom they had no chance.

Dragon Empire III

After having triumphed over the Necromancer, her beloved from the Middle Ages now sought revenge on the two teens. His name was Sevarion Faust. He was the deadliest, most brutal and insanely devilish immortal villain that unfortunately the six dragons did not take as a serious threat at first. Little did they know, he could visit Omega, the god of Hell, and even kept the Dark Dragon Marbus on a leash in his back yard.

This man, was out for blood, and there was absolutely nothing they could do but run away every time they saw him. Confronting him meant confronting all the greatest fears one can imagine.

John took it upon himself to visit the Grave of the Necromancer in the middle ages. He spoke to her ghost there, and found out that she did not choose to be an undead. She was killed by the villagers for being a witch, and Sevarion, through desperation revived her as a senseless immortal.

Can John and Grace topple someone who can literally fight the mighty dragons so effortlessly? No, they can’t. So how did the trilogy end I wonder?