How To Get 1000 Followers on Twitter 2021

How to get 1000 followers on Twitter in 2021. For my Twitter, I reached this number from mid-November to mid-December WITHOUT using the Follow-for-Follow method, so it took me about a month with an average of 20-30 followers per day. And here’s how I did it.

My Twitter account as of writing this post

The Preparation

You might have heard this advice already, but it’s important, so I’ll reiterate it briefly.

Make sure your profile picture is your photogenic face.

Make sure your name and username is clean.

Make sure your bio is brief but inviting.

Make sure your banner is reflective of your content.

How To Find Your Target

You’re probably someone, like an artist, or a YouTuber, or a teenager with edgy ideas, point is… There’s a target audience out there for you. And the beauty about Twitter is that it’s easy to find your audience. They’re either all sitting behind a hashtag, or they’re commenting on a famous person’s tweet.

Say you’re a Vlogger. Go out there and find the Twitter account of another vlogger that’s similar to you. Go to any of their tweets, and see the thousands of comments that they have. These are all YOUR target audience, bundled up under a single tweet! They all watch this person’s content, so you know for sure that there’s a chance they would be interested in your content as well.

Similarly, there might be a hashtag that you want to target instead, such as #WorkOut if you’re a fitness content creator or anything of the sort. It’s up to you to do the research.

The Grind

This is the meat of the tutorial. You’ve got a pretty account set up, you’ve got your target audience identified, and now you have to get them to follow you somehow.

Now believe me, even after a month of doing it every day, it can get tedious, so I’ve thought up a way to do it effortlessly and on a somewhat mass-scale.

All you need to do… is click Like! Start tapping on people’s hearts. Tap tap tap. 10 minutes a day of work for 20+ followers.

Go to your target hashtag, sort by Latest (important), and like the first 50-100 posts.

Then go to someone’s famous comment section, and do the same but slightly less, so you don’t come off as annoying.

You’re literally not breaking any rules, you’re just liking people’s stuff! And they’ll feel good about it. And oh look, they also noticed that you have a wonderful face. They click on your profile. Oh cool! You’re a content creator or an expert in something, so they’ll look through your tweets. Oh wow! They like your tweets, you know what? They’ll give you a follow.

Important Information

I’m going to reiterate the first point again, now that you’ve come this far. When you like a person’s tweet, you appear in their notification. It’s literally like waving ‘hello!’ to them and walking off. They just need to wave hello back to you.

Notice how they’ll see a tiny picture and your Twitter name

You have MORE chances of getting their attention if your profile picture and Twitter name looks good. Remember, that’s the ONLY thing they’ll see in their notifications tab. This is the FIRST impressions that you give, so spend a good amount of time on this part, because otherwise they won’t click on your profile.

If they click on your profile, that means your picture and name are good. You can view your profile clicks by going to More – Analytics.

Using this method, I get around 20,000+ Profile clicks in one month, but only 1 in 20 people follow me, so even I have some work to do regarding targeting and presentation.

And finally, your tweets and pinned tweet need to be top notch. Don’t just randomly tweet about how you spilled your coffee this morning, because consider that you’ll have a 100+ new people come to your profile every day, and that’s the impressions you’ll be giving them. But ultimately, your content is up to you to decide!

Twitter Limits

I’ve done the research for my ultimate insane fear of getting any kind of Shadow Ban or limitations or anything of the sort, and will list them all out for you.

Firstly, Twitter openly stated that they do not ‘shadow ban’ people. If you get banned, they will let you know.

The amount of likes per 24 hours you can give is 800.

The amount of likes per 15 minutes you can give is 180.

If you go beyond those numbers, they will restrict you from liking for a few days.

That’s why the formula I use for my own account is 50-100 likes per hour, which means I do this around 5-6 times a day until I reach a total of 400 likes given. So I stay exactly half the amount of the limit to make absolutely sure I don’t ever get any restrictions.


Liking people 400 times a day is going to make your “Likes” go up to 100k+ in no time, which might seem ugly (if you care) on your profile. Every morning, I go back and I unlike people’s stuff.

Liking people 3800 times will make you unable to unlike them beyond this number. Which means, if I liked 5000 people, I can only unlike 3800 times, and will get stuck at 1200 likes without being able to unlike them.

I try doing about a Tweet a day, since I focus on quality over quantity. That’s more than enough.

When people comment on your tweets, comment back!

Some people will follow you expecting a follow back. They’ll unfollow you in a week or two, which will be a common occurrence that you’ll have to ignore.

Your Pinned Tweet can be the product or service you’re selling to make sure you get thousands of eyes on it, but the rest of the tweets should be free value. (AKA, entertain them, educate them, or inspire them within the confines of the tweet)

Don’t press like on tweets that already have 10+ likes otherwise you’ll get mixed in and go unnoticed.

Last but not least. Please, please, please… DO NOT SPAM HASHTAGS. I use 1 hashtag every 5 posts when I feel it’s appropriate, and that’s it. Imagine, a person comes onto your profile and sees more blue text than white text – you’ll come off as spammy and they’ll click away. A clean and beautiful seamless profile with beautiful tweets is what you should be looking for. Trust me, you’ll be getting plenty of traffic from the liking method.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to use the contact form on this site or DM me on my Twitter and I’ll get back to you!


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