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How to create fantasy from zero!

The steps to create fantasy from zero are few and simple and you can have a fully fleshed out fantasy plot, story and idea by following the steps in this order.

Create fantasy theme

This is the most important thing to start with because your story, your characters and your plot will be based on the THEME. By fantasy themes I don’t mean genres (your genre is fantasy!) but I mean what kind of fantasy are you writing? Winter fantasy (Narnia), dragon fantasy (Game of Thrones), medieval fantasy (also GoT), cute fantasy (Disney Frozen), wizard fantasy (you know), steampunk fantasy (Golden Compass?) and more.

This is dependent on your mood and what you feel like committing to for the next few months.

Create fantasy protagonist

You pick your protagonist next. It’s important to pick the protagonist at this point and not the story because the story’s direction could vastly change depending on what type of character you have. A little girl waving a magic wand would be different from an athletic incredible young professor of magic, even if they’re both meant to go through the same story.

Your job is to bring your character to LIFE, so pick someone that you KNOW you will be able to master as a character. (Avoid putting yourself as your protagonist)

Pick a story

Now is story time! You have a theme, and you have your protagonist. What this means is you have the world image in your head, and you have your character in your head, now you need to think of something that needs to happen to set things in motion. Usually this thing happens in chapter 1, so essentially how you write this chapter will end up dictating the direction of your entire book.

Don’t overcomplicate your story. Focus on characters and plot more. Often most great stories are simply “save the princess from the dragon” or “drop the ring into the fires of Mordor” and that’s it. But what happens around those goals is what makes your fantasy great.

Pick your ending

You’re not done yet! This part is technically skippable but knowing how your book ends helps you stay on track. You as a writer will know that your story is moving in THIS direction and will avoid deviating too far.

You particularly don’t want to deviate too far or have random stuff happen without reason because it’s off-putting to your readers and might get boring.

Spin The Wheel!

I’m about to spin the wheel of fantasy and create a story from ZERO for you.

1. Theme – Kitchen Fantasy
2. Character – An astronaut
3. Story – An astronaut always wanted to create the most incredible dish in the world, but for that he had to fly out of Earth to find an ingredient no one tasted before and come home to perfect that dish.
4. Ending – The alien food that he made caused a global pandemic and- I’m kidding. But you get the point.

I randomly thought of the plot ‘kitchen fantasy’, then I randomly pulled out the most random character I could think of. THAT enabled me to create the story. So find your theme and character first!

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