Fantasia of Lorelei

Fantasia of Lorelei: How the Idea Came to Life

I had absolutely no idea what I wanted the story to be about, but I only knew one thing and one thing only. It had to have freaking cool characters.

I wanted the main girl, Lorelei, to be THE story, rather than her being in the story. So many main characters were just vessels or excuses for the story to exist, but not for me! Lorelei was going to carry my reader’s interests to the last page.

The Characters

To balance out Lorelei’s snarky, cheerful and adventurous personality, I had to contrast it with several other characters and make them all just as interesting.

Thus I ended up with around 20 super cool characters with not a single one of them being bland. I’m talking funny like Frozen’s Olaf, crazy like The Mad Hatter, and dark and eerie ones like Voldemort.

The Theme

The theme can be summarized in two words. Festive and dark! Imagine Nightmare Before Christmas, or any of Tim Burton’s amazing works. I blended Halloween with Christmas, I added several fantasy elements like dragons and witches, and made it all super creative and super funny.

Thus, giving my theme a single genre proved quite hard. I ended up experimenting with lots of different book covers, tried to include candy, castles, and magic, but fell short for it was too overwhelming. Thus my book cover ended up covering the main two elements: Halloween (spooky evil pumpkin-headed creatures) and Christmas (Santa is in the story! Spoiler!)

The Setting

The story is about a modern day girl who entered her fantasy book. The fantasy book had Candy Land, Mountains with Flying Foxes, Christmas Land, Spooky Land (They all have their names don’t worry!) and enchanted glowing forests.

The coolest part about it was, Lorelei had her smartphone with her. She took pictures of things, took selfies, let the fantasy creatures listen to our modern music and more. It is, in essence, a bit of a cultural exchange between fantasy and reality.

The Writing Process

The book was finished in exactly 31 days. It finished so fast because I couldn’t stop writing it every day. It was extremely fun, and it had me laughing and jaw-dropping non-stop when I was reading back through it.

The dialogue is the most fun part because of how insane some of the characters are, and the world-building is vivid, concise and unique. There’s twists and turns and huge revelations in the end just like any good fantasy should have!

The Book Cover

The dreaded cover! I both had fun and struggled trying to conceptualize such a broad story into a single image.

Alas, after reading several articles on effective book covers, I found out that a reader’s eyes scans over it and digests only the main important information, so having a single subject stand out was more important than spamming details into it.

The End

The ending still has me shaking when I think about it! Such a fun-filled loving book, yet so many mysteries to it.

I hope you’re able to enjoy it this Halloween! It’s free on Kindle on October 27-31st. If you missed the dates, you can leave me a message and I’ll be glad to give you a copy anyways, because I just want as many people as possible to read it!

Happy Halloween!

Book Link: Fantasia of Lorelei


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